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  1. In general, complimenting someone’s personality or accomplishments will have more meaning. These compliments have a lot more depth than compliments about how they look. That is not to say that you should steer completely clear of compliments about someone’s style or beauty.
  2. EXAMPLES FROM THE WEB FOR COMPLIMENT Thank you for the compliment, but I don't expect to stick to it all my life. She laughed her little laugh of pleasure, and thanked him prettily for the compliment. "I can make a horse do what I want," he said, delighted at the compliment.
  3. compliments definition: if you give something to someone with your or someone's compliments, you give it to them free. Learn more.
  4. Compliment is the more common of the pair. Its etymological ties to courtesy are evident in its modern use, where as a noun it most often refers to a remark that says something good about someone or something, and as a verb it communicates the expression of such a remark.
  5. This set of 10 colored pencils features a range of totally sweet compliments that will brighten up your pencil case. Fun pencils measure inches long. These cute pencils come pre-sharpened and include a rubber eraser on the end. Graphite pencil set makes the cutest office supplies, is a must have for back to school, and work well as sketch Reviews:
  6. Mar 14,  · Compliments bring positive feelings that come because someone has noticed something about you they deemed worthy of praise. Compliments are important components of sociability and are also useful devices for beginning conversations. For some, giving compliments is an uncomfortable venture because of uncertainties%(37).
  7. Oct 15,  · Compliment generously, but not excessively. There’s a limit to how many compliments a person wants to hear. Showering someone with compliments will make each individual compliment seem to mean a little less. If you compliment a little more sparingly, your words will resonate more%().
  8. com·pli·ment (kŏm′plə-mənt) n. 1. An expression of praise, admiration, or congratulation. 2. A formal act of civility, courtesy, or respect. 3. compliments Good wishes; regards: Extend my compliments to your parents. See Usage Note at complement. tr.v. com·pli·ment·ed, com·pli·ment·ing, com·pli·ments 1. To pay a compliment to. 2. To show.
  9. In the plural, compliments can also mean best wishes. It is often used as “with compliments” such as on a compliments slip (a small piece of letter-headed paper, often used by companies for a quick note to a customer or client when a full sheet would be too large.) You also see the phrase “with compliments of the season” in greetings cards.

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