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  1. 1 day ago · KELLY Clarkson confessed to “losing it” as she watched Jordin Sparks sweetly sing to her two-year-old son, Dana Isaiah Thomas Jr. The American Idol alums joined together for Tuesday’s.
  2. Sally is the complex younger sister of Charlie Brown. On one hand, she is good-hearted, funny, friendly, cute, sweet, silly and innocent. However, on the other, she can be lazy, ignorant, naive, slow, obsessive, dumb, greedy, insecure, and sometimes even self-centered and manipulative.
  3. Good thing she was a floor down. (Y/N) took a deep breath on the other line and told Sal everything. All of her anxiety about the next day melted away as Sal listened to (Y/N)'s fears of the school year. He calmed her down and talked to her about his friends he could introduce her to. He knew they would love her once she met them.
  4. Mar 10,  · ''Well, originally I had started `Sweet Chariot` even before the Sally Rose character came to me,'' she says, ''so I suppose `Sweet Chariot` is one of the more autobiographical songs. And, once.
  5. Jul 15,  · Kelly Rowland says she “tortured” herself for years over comparisons to her Destiny's Child bandmate Beyoncé.. During the July 14 episode of .
  6. Sam Says Sweet Sounds Is there something that you'd like to know? Sam is a cutting edge AI bot that can answer any question that you might have, but first you have to implore with Sam before asking your question. & be cautious, Sam can feel your energy & makes it's own decisions based on it.
  7. Sally is devoted to Linus, who she affectionately calls her “sweet babboo.” Moving Sally is constantly trying to move into her big brother’s bedroom whenever he leaves the house.
  8. Aug 09,  · It means just that - you're sweet. You're a nice person, and what you said was a nice thing to say, even if she may not believe it. It's a good thing.

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