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  1. Ivan Nikolayevich Ponyrev and Nikolay Ivanovich are tied to Pilate in the Epilogue, since they are both plagued by the moon. When it is the full spring moon, Ivan cannot rest, and wanders without knowing why to the home of Nikolay Ivanovich. While he watches him mumbling at the moon, Ivan says, "Gods, gods," a leitmotif also tied to Pilate.
  2. “Epilogue” is a very emotional track as well. Again without any spoilers, this track would not be what it is without the game and hence might lose some of its effect out of context. The story, scenery and writing make this song and emotional wrecking ball.
  3. Hidden Agenda Villain/You Have Failed Me: Shikuu comes to Earth under orders from Ba'al to execute Annalotta, mysteriously appears to Z-BLUE, then leaves afterwards in the epilogue scenario of Jigoku-hen. Leitmotif: "Assembly of Corpse Spirits" Meaningful Name: Shikuu mentions his role as the Kishuku or "day of the ghost" for the Sidereal. The.
  4. "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations - Epilogue" - the track that plays during the credits for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations; contains Maya's theme as a section. "Pearl Fey ~ Together with Pearly " - the leitmotif used for Pearl in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies. It is arranged in such.
  5. Leitmotif to Represent Characters, Their Development, and Their Relationships to Each Other This track plays during the epilogue of the Neutral Ending. It's immediately recognizable as a.
  6. Epilogue. Marie creates a world were Mercurius never existed and, as Ren's existence is tied directly to Mercurius, Ren ceases to exist as well. However, through pure chance, in Marie's world Ren does exist as Rusulka and Lotus's grandson. He eventually runs into Rea and several years later the two marry. Before Kajiri Kamui Kagura.
  7. Avid book readers will know that the epilogue refers to the last section of a book that contains the conclusion of the character’s journey. Once all is said and done, the epilogue is a lot like a story’s happily ever after.
  8. In Spare squadron the Theme appears only once, in Faceless Soldier, when finally Spare unites under one leader - Trigger. Then you get transferred to Strider, your strategy is clear, you know well who is the boss - leitmotif appears more, even 2 times in a row: Siren's Song and Dragon Breath.

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