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  1. In one prevalent view, the very meaning of salvation is emancipation (moksha) from this morass, an escape from the impermanence that is an inherent feature of mundane existence. In this view the only goal is the one permanent and eternal principle: the One, God, brahman, which is totally opposite to phenomenal existence.
  2. In the Vedic wisdom tradition, moksha is the liberation of the soul from the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth, or samsara. It is considered to be the end of all suffering. According to Advaita Vedanta, we can attain moksha through the realization that we are, in fact, Brahman – the source of all that is.
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  4. Jul 19,  · Moksha is the end of the death and rebirth cycle and is classed as the fourth and ultimate artha (goal). It is the transcendence of all arthas. It is achieved by overcoming ignorance and desires.
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  6. Moksha definition is - release from samsara and liberation from karma together with the attainment of Nirvana for the Hindu or kaivalya for the Jain: salvation from the bondage of finite existence.
  7. Moksha is the liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth known as samsara. As such, moksha is the ultimate goal of Hindu religious practice. The believer achieves moksha through self-realization.
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  9. noun Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism. freedom from the differentiated, temporal, and mortal world of ordinary experience.

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