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  1. Neutral, French Neutre, a confederacy of Iroquoian-speaking North American Indian tribes who lived in what are now southern Ontario, Can., and western New .
  2. Translate Neutral. See 10 authoritative translations of Neutral in Spanish with example sentences, phrases and audio pronunciations.
  3. Neutral describes an option on a security or market that is neither bullish nor bearish. If an investor has a neutral opinion – that is, he feels that a security or index will neither increase.
  4. Read 10 answers by scientists with 20 recommendations from their colleagues to the question asked by on Jan 24,
  5. The neutral alignment, sometimes known as true neutral, is without prejudice or compulsion. They either disregard any commitment to good, evil, law and chaos, or believe a balance is needed between these forces in the world. A neutral character does what seems to be a good idea, without strong feelings with regard to good vs. evil or order vs. chaos. He thinks of good as better than evil.
  6. A neutral country in a particular war, is a sovereign state which refrains from joining either side of the conflict and adheres to the principle of the Law of Neutrality under International Law. Although countries have historically often declared themselves as neutral at .
  7. The Neutral Route is one of the three primary routes in Undertale. In this route, the final boss is Photoshop Flowey, though after fighting him once (without performing a True Reset or a Genocide Route), Flowey only destroys Asgore's SOUL and his fight is skipped, as he knows the SOULs would revolt again. On a True Pacifist Route, the protagonist must reach one of the Neutral Endings to .
  8. neutral [noo´tral] neither basic nor acid. neu·tral (nū'trăl), 1. Exhibiting no positive properties; indifferent. 2. chemistry neither acid nor alkaline, for example, [OH-] = [H+]. 3. Having the same number of positive and negative charges. [L. neutralis, fr. neuter, neither] neu·tral (nū'trăl) 1. Exhibiting no positive properties; indifferent. 2.

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