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  1. Phil Collins - No Son Of Mine Lyrics. Phil Collins Announces His Not Dead Yet Tour. X. Well, the key to my survival. Was never in much doubt. The question was how I could keep sane. Trying to find a way out. Things were never easy for me. Peace of mind was hard to find.
  2. Metalcore (or metallic hardcore) is a fusion music genre that combines elements of extreme metal and hardcore punk. As with other styles blending metal and hardcore, such as crust punk and grindcore, metalcore is noted for its use of breakdowns, slow, intense passages conducive to moshing.
  3. Diamonds in the Mine Lyrics: The woman in blue, she's asking for revenge / The man in white -- that's you -- says he has no friends / The river is swollen up with rusty cans / And the trees are.
  4. Jan 09,  · Genesis - No Son Of Mine Tabbed By "The_Sinner" / This is my third tab, I hope you enjoy this Great Great Song!!!! / [Intro] Em - C - D - Bsus4 - Em - D - Bm - C / [Verse] / Em C Well the ke.
  5. Youre no son, you're no son of mine Youre no son, you're no son of mine You walked out, you left us behind And you're no son, no son of mine Oh, his words how they hurt me, I'll never forget it And as the time, it went by, I lived to regret it Youre no son, you're no son of mine But where should I go, And what should I do Youre no son, you're.
  6. Eventually he confronts his father intending to "talk it over" but is angrily told "you're no son of mine". In short, a song about an abusive dad. Possibly deliberately vague, open to interpretation like so many Genesis lyrics. absinthedudeon May 27, Link. No.
  7. That little boy of mine. Two eyes that shine so bright Two arms that hold me tight Two lips that kiss goodnight That little boy of mine. No one will ever know Just what his coming has meant Because I love him so He's something heaven has sent. He's all the world to me He climbs upon my knee To me he'll always be That little boy of mine.
  8. In the "No Son of Mine" video, we see the child enduring the abuse doled out by his father. The song opens with the sound of metronome. "It was not originally part of the song," Tony Banks explained. "We needed a tempo thing to happen there, and one time Phil did this thing with two drumsticks.
  9. Jul 16,  · Ralph Tresvant is nearly overwhelmed by the strength of his affections on new single “All Mine.” For added firepower, the singer recruits his old group-mate Johnny Gill, who attacks the.

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